Tune In To Success: The Fame Foundry Podcasts are Now Live

If you follow our magazine, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Fame Foundry’s mantra: The rules for getting and keeping customers have changed. New channels of communication have paved the way for business to engage directly with people, and as a result, the old ways of marketing have been rendered ineffectual. In an economy driven by the consumer, loyalty is no longer a commodity that can be bought rather than earned, and trust has become the new currency of business. As the specialists in intelligent marketing and web development, Fame Foundry is dedicated to helping you navigate the challenges of the new competitive landscape. Our latest endeavor – The Fame Foundry Podcast and Fame Foundry Daily Tips for Business Growth – offers a convenient new way to get the information you need to stay ahead in today’s marketplace.

podcast_main The Fame Foundry Podcast

Each month Fame Foundry spotlights the people and companies who are leading the way in setting trends and redefining how business is done today. Learn from their example how you can launch yourself ahead of the competition. In the first installment of the series, Gary Vaynerchuk – the Web’s pioneer of personal branding – joins Fame Foundry’s Jordan Drake for a candid conversation about what it takes to thrive in today’s world of business. A bona fide social media celebrity, Gary transformed his family’s small local shop into a national wine empire and cultivated a following of more than 100,000 for his daily video blog, Wine Library TV. While he is widely recognized for his trademark charisma and unfiltered authenticity, the interview reveals the lesser-known principles driving his success: his unshakeable work ethic, relentless hustle and true dedication to building relationships with fans.

podcast_daily Fame Foundry Daily Tips for Business Growth

In a marketplace that is ever-changing, you either get ahead of the curve or fade into obscurity. Broadcasting every weekday, Fame Foundry delivers the intelligence you need to stay on top of your game. Gain a competitive edge in just a few minutes a day with our tips, tactics and practical advice on modern marketing and trustcasting, website design, traffic growth and promotion, social media, efficiency, creative ideas, business trends and more. Highlights for the month of February include how-to’s on:
  • Creating a culture around your brand
  • Avoiding the cardinal sin of website design
  • Building a powerhouse website
  • Separating SEO fact from SEO hype
  • Innovating to turn happy customers into loyal customers
  • Putting your website to work for your business
  • Improving your business metrics to maximize your time and resources
  • Understanding Web culture as a means of getting to know your customers better
  • Removing obstacles to sales
  • Turning a great idea into a great success

What are you waiting for?

The Fame Foundry Podcast and the Fame Foundry Daily Business Growth are available now on iTunes. Subscribe today. You’ll thank us later.