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WorkWeb DesignSportsEvents

Platforms for racing in the 21st century.

Fame Foundry puts the racing experience in front of millions of fans, steering motorsports to the modern age.

“Fame Foundry created something never seen before, allowing members to interact in new ways and providing them a central location to call their own. It also provides more value to our sponsors than we have ever had before.”

—Ryan Newman

Technology on the track.

Providing more than just web software, our management systems enhance and reinforce a variety of services by different racing organizations which work to evolve the speed, efficiency, and safety measures, aiding their process from lab to checkered flag.

WorkWeb DesignRetail

Setting the pace across 44 states.

With over 1100 locations, thousands of products, and millions of transactions, Shoe Show creates a substantial retail footprint in shoe sales.

The sole of superior choice.

With over 1100 locations, thousands of products, and millions of transactions, Shoe Show creates a substantial retail footprint in shoe sales.

WorkWeb DesignRetail

The contemporary online pharmacy.

Medichest sets a new standard, bringing the boutique experience to the drug store.

Integrated & Automated Marketing System

All the extensive opportunities for public engagement are made easily definable and effortlessly automated.

Scheduled promotions, sales, and campaigns, all precisely targeted for specific demographics within the whole of the Medichest audience.

WorkWeb DesignSocial

Home Design & Decor Magazine offers readers superior content on designer home trends on any device.

  • By selectively curating the very best from their individual markets, each localized catalog comes to exhibit the trending, pertinent visual flavors specific to each region.

  • Beside the swaths of inspirational home photography spreads, Home Design & Decor provides exhaustive articles and advice by proven professionals in home design.

  • The art of home ingenuity always dances between the timeless and the experimental. The very best in these intersecting principles offer consistent sources of modern innovation.

WorkWeb DesignSocial

  • Post a need on behalf of yourself, a family member or your community group, whether you need volunteers or funds to support your cause.

  • Search by location, expertise and date, and connect with people in your very own community who need your time and talents.

  • Start your own Neighborhood or Group Page and create a virtual hub where you can connect and converse about the things that matter most to you.

September 2020
Noted By Joe Bauldoff

Reality Has a Surprising Amount of Detail

Software engineer John Salvatier considers how the more difficult your mission, the more details there will be that are critical to understand for success; and how many of these crucial details are invisible until you actively perceive them.
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085 - FF Rewind - Top 10 tips of the quarter: Commit to constant innovation

Our review of our most popular tips continues today with a look at the relationship between innovation and customer loyalty. To

September 2020
Noted By Joe Bauldoff

Designing a Culture of Reinvention

Ben Horowitz talks with Netflix CEO and cofounder, Reed Hasting about organizational culture, and how to cultivate it to forecast the shifting sands of evolving markets, all while maintaining a respectful and healthy realm for employees to do what they do best.
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775 Boost email open rates by 152 percent

Use your customers’ behavior to your advantage.

October 2013
By Carey Arvin

Get Real: How to Create a Radically Relatable Marketing Campaign

Aim for the heart, and punch them right in the gut.
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Get Real: How to Create a Radically Relatable Marketing Campaign

These days, everyone wants to be the next viral phenomenon. They chase this modern-day brass ring of marketing by going to extremes, whether it’s by being quirky, funny, sexy – or all of the above.

And there is no shortage of success stories in this arena to substantiate this desire, from the Old Spice man to Dollar Shave Club. Seemingly, nothing compares to the luster of being the Internet’s most brightly shining star.

But there is another, more meaningful way to stand out from the crowd. Rather than trying to be the loudest, the most outrageous or the most hilarious, be the most real.

Hold up a mirror to your audience. Punch them in the gut with authenticity. Paint a picture that feel so relatable and familiar that they wonder who has been secretly filming their life.

The only way to achieve this level of emotional realism to be one with your tribe. You must know the touchpoints of their lives from the inside out. What keeps them up at night? What preoccupies their thoughts during the day? Which of life’s many minutia do they find most grating? What memories do they hold closest to their hearts?

Here are four such examples of powerfully understated campaigns that speak volumes to their audience:

Cheerios: Nana

We all grew up with Cheerios. We all have strong sense memories tied to consuming those humble little Os.

Mine revolve around summer vacations spent at the lake with my grandparents, eating Cheerios on the back porch (in a Cheerios-branded bowl, nonetheless).

The first time I saw this commercial, it left me gutted and wanting to reach for that wonderful yellow box if only to have the chance to enjoy one more sweet summer breakfast together.

Clorox: Life’s Bleachable Moments

This spot elicits an involuntary visceral response from anyone who knows that all-too-familiar sinking feeling that immediately precedes the act of reaching for the bottle of bleach to address the latest unpleasantness of life.

Volkswagen: Polo Dad

The converse of the bleachable moment, this one tugs at the heartstrings, recognizing all those acts large and small tirelessly performed in service of keeping the ones we love safe and secure in an uncertain world.

Nike: Find Your Greatness

Unlike so many ads in this genre, this spot is not aspirational. It’s not glamorous. It’s not a cinematic tribute to the untouchables among the elite of sport.

But it works. After all, we can’t all be Michael Jordan. We can all get up in the morning and strive to better ourselves.

And when the bookish kid who spent every day of elementary school dreading P.E. class finally crosses the finish line at her first half-marathon, she knows what it means to find your own form of greatness.

A parting shot

It’s possible that none of these spots moved you like they did me. And that’s okay. If they didn’t, they weren’t meant for you.

But for the members of these brands’ tribes, they touch a nerve. And, in doing so, they forge a lasting bond of loyalty to a brand that clearly recognizes and respects the things in life that really matter. After all, it’s not just about selling another bottle of bleach or pair of running shoes. It’s about making life’s icky moments a little less icky, or making it a little bit easier to face that next run in the cold, pre-dawn hours. And who doesn’t want to carry the torch for a brand like that?

May 2010
By The Author

Join Friends & Family of Military Service Personnel Nationwide in the Golden Star USA Community

Fame Foundry invites you to honor the hero in your life this Memorial Day with a place in the Golden Star USA Patriot Hall.
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Join Friends & Family of Military Service Personnel Nationwide in the Golden Star USA Community

Memorial Day is a time of remembrance for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country. This year, with the launch of Golden Star USA, there is a new way to honor the courage and selflessness of all who have answered the call of duty.

Golden Star USA Homepage

Golden Star USA is an online community encompassing family and friends of service personnel representing all five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces – the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard – including active duty, veterans and fallen heroes.

By registering as a member of the Golden Star USA community, you can create a Patriot Page to honor the accomplishments of the hero in your life, showcase their record of service and commendations and provide a forum where friends and family can share their own memories and stories.

Golden Star USA Patriot Page

You can also search the Patriot Hall to find any member of the Golden Star registry by name and unit, salute them with a personal message on their own Patriot Page and read posts contributed by other members of the community.

The concept for the site was the product of a collaborative partnership between Fame Foundry and Autumn Letendre, founder and CEO of the Golden Star USA Foundation.

Autumn approached Fame Foundry with the goal of establishing a platform through which she could promote the foundation and its mission, which is to provide marriage retreats and family counseling services for active duty and honorably discharged troops. As plans for the site evolved, the two organizations realized the opportunity to go further with an innovative idea that would bring people together and build a community dedicated to the purpose of creating an enduring tribute to the men and women of our nation’s military.

Autumn Letendre’s drive to help others stems from her own personal tragedy. Her husband, USMC Captain Brian S. Letendre, was killed in 2006 during his second tour of duty in Iraq, after he had voluntarily returned to the front lines as part of a special team training Iraqi army recruits. Now as a Gold Star widow, she is dedicated to advancing the mission of the Golden Star USA Foundation to serve military families who are struggling with the same challenges she and Brian experienced during his deployments.